Life Insurance Videos

We are proud to partner with to provide you with educational life insurance videos. is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Americans understand life insurance and related products. We partner with to provide this valuable information so we can focus all of our attention on your specific insurance needs. We hope these videos inspire you to take the next step to obtain coverage for your family.

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Life Insurance Videos

The following list gives an overview of the videos included on this page. Also, please feel free to contact us for more information on these topics or any other.

  • How does life insurance show your love?
  • Do you need life insurance during retirement?


Legacy of Love

Life insurance is the ultimate love letter that you give your family. As an added benefit, you enjoy peace of mind knowing your family is protected. This video shares how life insurance demonstrates your love and why life insurance should be a priority.

I’m Retired

The day has finally come. Retirement. Your time to focus on enjoying life without the daily trip to the office. If you still have an active life insurance policy, you may be thinking it’s time to cancel. If you don’t have a policy, you may think there’s no point in getting one now. Because, you don’t need life insurance in retirement, right? Well…maybe. Watch this video for four reasons you may need life insurance during retirement.

When to Review Your Life Insurance Coverage

You found the right life insurance policy and your new coverage is active. So now you can engage auto-pilot and relax. Right? Not exactly. You should conduct a regular review your life insurance policy to determine whether a change is needed to increase or decrease your coverage. During this review, you should identify major life events that have occurred since the last review and evaluate whether your goals have changed. We recommend an annual review, at a minimum. This video identifies five life events that may require an update to your policy.