Our Life Insurance Process

Our Simple, Life Insurance Process

Welcome to Quote.Life. We are confident that our streamlined life insurance process will help you find the right coverage for your family. We are always here to guide you through each of our fast, simple steps.


Step 1 in Quote.Life Life Insurance Process

Free, No Obligation, 15 Minute Interview

Our life insurance process starts with a free, no-obligation, 15 minute conversation. During this time, we learn about your current life insurance needs and identify the specific family goals. With this information, we can find coverage options that best fit you and your family. Then, we guide you through the available choices so you can make an informed and confident decision.

We take this individualized approach because experience has taught us that every individual and every family faces unique circumstances and challenges. Your “best policy” can only be found by understanding your specific details.

Step 2 in Quote.Life Life Insurance Process

Confidential Phone Application

We collect the information necessary to complete your insurance application ONLY after you are comfortable with your selection. And then, we only need basic information and your signature to submit the application. And, you can choose whether to complete the required paperwork electronically or manually. We don’t force you into a mold. We adjust our life insurance process to your comfort level.

Quote.Life collects and processes all information following stringent security guidelines. We share your confidential information only with the life insurance company you select.

Step 3 in Quote.Life Life Insurance Process

Free, Medical Exam (If Needed)

We understand that not everyone is comfortable with a medical exam. That’s why we make no-exam life insurance options available. During our initial interview, we will discuss whether an exam is right for you.

If a medical exam is required, we will take care of scheduling your free exam at a time and location that is convenient for you. During the examination, a medical professional will gather the following health information.

  • Medical history and current health conditions.
  • Vital statistics (height, weight, blood pressure, pulse)
  • Blood and urine specimens

If you need an exam, read our blog, “Preparing For Your Life Insurance Exam,” for tips on how to get the best  exam results.

Step 4 in Quote.Life Life Insurance Process

Insurance Carrier Processing

The selected carrier reviews your application and medical information. When finished, the carrier will decide whether to offer coverage to you. If approved, the offer will include the total cost of your requested coverage.

Average processing times range from 2 days to 2 weeks. The final timeframe depends upon the three pieces of information: the type of insurance, your specific medical details, and whether your doctors were contacted.

We maintain contact with the insurance companies during the waiting period. Updates and questions are shared with you as soon as they are available. After we receive the final decision, we share the results with you and answer any questions about your policy. Then, upon receipt of premium, the insurance carrier will activate your coverage. Your life insurance will remain active for the duration of your policy, as long as premiums are current.

Congratulations on your decision to partner with us!