You’re single and healthy. Whether you are a young adult or a more “seasoned” individual, life insurance is not on your radar. Your budget may be tight, and there’s nothing extra for buying life insurance. Or perhaps, you feel life insurance is too expensive. Besides, you wonder, do singles need life insurance? To answer this.. More

Danica Patrick, celebrity spokesperson for Life Happens speaks out about financial fitness during Life Insurance Awareness Month. Her message…Life insurance is key to a financially fit lifestyle. What is Financial Fitness? Financial fitness is a measure of how you handle your money through saving, spending, investing. There are as many approaches to financial fitness as there.. More

With so many demands on our day-to-day lives, it’s difficult to stop procrastinating when it comes to finding life insurance. Constant daily demands on our time can cause us to push the important things on our to-do lists aside for “someday.” If you are like many Americans, there are three reasons for procrastinating when it.. More

Living with obesity can evoke daily judgement and stigma from our culture.People make assumptions that you have no willpower or you lead an unhealthy lifestyle. But the truth is, there are many reasons for an individual to carry extra pounds. Perhaps you have medically induced weight gain or a family predisposition. Regardless the reason, the.. More

If you have juvenile diabetes, you know all too well the challenges of living with the disease. You probably don’t care to know statistics about how many people have the disease or the number diagnosed annually. You’ve heard all the lectures about following a healthy lifestyle from your doctor and family. Multiple times. In these.. More