Am I eligible for coverage if…


  • I am a non-US resident? Yes. There are a number of insurers willing to provide life insurance if you are a non resident. You must have a purpose for being in the US, whether it be work or family. Also, you must apply for the policy in the US and be willing to take a medical exam in the states.
  • I am over 70? Yes. Most insurers provide life insurance to applicants up to age 75. There are a number of insurers that offer coverage for applicants up to age 80 or even 90. Most brands will reduce the level of coverage that older applicants are eligible to receive.
  • I have a pre-existing condition? It will depend on the nature of the condition and any treatment you have or are currently receiving for it. The insurer will either exclude the condition from coverage, request you submit more details about the condition or automatically accept it. Requirements for how long ago you experienced the condition will vary between different companies so it can be worth speaking with a consultant to find options suitable for your situation.
  • I work in a high-risk job? Yes. You will probably be required to pay a higher premium for coverage than an office worker – but it is still possible to get coverage. Again, it’s worth discussing your occupation with an insurance consultant to give yourself the best chance of finding an insurer willing to offer competitive coverage for your occupation.