Life Insurance.. Simplified

Until now, each life insurance company existed only on a single side of the fence. On the traditional side, we find institutions with lots of forms and manual processes. With these companies, “red tape” made communication slow. People seeking insurance often waited for what felt like an eternity.

At Quote.Life, we embrace emerging technologies and provide unsurpassed customer service. Our life insurance process provides a simpler, transparent way to obtain a customized insurance policy.

Why Independent Insurance Advisors

Quote.Life works for you and not the insurance companies.

We can search a variety of options with each insurance provider. By shopping, we can identify the best insurance alternative for your unique situation.

  • The insurance providers compete for your business so we can find a plan that meets your budget.
  • Being independent, our loyalty is to you, and only you! Plus, we focus only on insurance, so we know the information required to be the best source for your insurance needs.

At Quote.Life, we are proud of our straight-forward, customer -focused process, which allows us to guide you through the maze of details so you can find the right life insurance policy. We stand behind our promises with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Core Values: Guiding Principles

At Quote.Life, an essential set of core values: Integrity and Honesty, Quality, Service and Reliability, influences every interaction. Regardless of the situation, every area of our business follows these guiding principles. Our values are vital to who we are and cannot be separated.

Integrity and Honesty

Quote.Life requires integrity and honesty from all team members. We believe a strong moral code is critical to any successful relationship. And in the insurance industry, a strong moral code is key to earning a clients’ trust. Therefore, we conduct all interactions, both business and personal, with integrity and honesty. As a result, our high ethical standards enable us to develop and maintain lasting relationships.


The quality of our work speaks for itself. We never cut corners or make hasty decisions. We manage each life insurance policy as if it were our own. And because we understand the importance of life insurance, we focus on each policy until we are sure it is the right choice for our client.

Service and Reliability

Since inception, delivering an exceptional customer experience has been a top priority. Because we know customer service is an ongoing process, we pay attention to your entire experience, not just the initial contact. So when you experience life changes, you are not alone. We are just a phone call away. We pledge to help you evaluate the changes and then adjust your life insurance if needed.